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My Approach

My approach can best be described as personal, collaborative, creative and organic: 


As a college essay coach, I work to assist students in sharing their own uniqueness.  The essays my students produce tend to be fresh, honest, and distinctive.  My strengths lie in helping students weave diverse elements of their lives into an essay that presents an integrated whole. 


As a college application mentor, I strive to guide my students with a mixture of hope and realism. I suggest students consider not simply “the best school,” but the best school FOR THEM.  All my students hear my little talk on how there are 4,000 colleges in the U.S. - approx. ⅔ of which are 4 -year and ⅓  2-year - and my claim that there is a school for everyone. I encourage each student to aim high and produce an excellent application to each school while remembering that their worth is more than their gpa, SAT score or college acceptance list.  


As an executive function tutor, my first step is to build relationship with each student and establish trust.  Many of my students are filled with shame, frustration and anxiety regarding their struggles with organization, work completion and academic achievement.  I have found the key elements to working with such students are: respect, respect, and respect coupled with compassion, hope, encouragement and a sense of humor! The students I work with are unbelievably bright, unfailingly interesting, refreshingly candid, and astonishingly courageous. These students have much to offer and bright futures ahead. I enjoy supporting them in reaching their potential. 

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