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As an executive-function/adhd coach, I work with college, high school and sometimes middle school students to manage their academic workloads.  Most of my students have ADHD. Some are diagnosed on the autism-spectrum or with learning disabilities. Many wrestle with anxiety and/or depression.  Some have multiple diagnoses. Some have none. The common thread is that all are struggling to manage the many assignments and responsibilities they have as students.  Some have very low grade point averages, while others are straight A students. Many are stressed, overwhelmed and discouraged. Often there is tension with parents and teachers.


My process involves establishing a personal relationship with each student, one based on mutual trust and respect.  I do not come in as a drill sergeant, but as a coach, a mentor, and a friend. My approach is one of hope and encouragement. As we begin our process, I do an initial “deep dive” to get a clear picture of the student’s academic situation. This generally involves a parent consultation and then a look at the student's online school portal(s). That done, I propose a way forward. Over time, with much detective work, communication, and tweaking of plans and techniques, we generally discover a way to reduce stress, stabilize grades, increase success, and find a place of peace. 


Cost:   $250 - initial deep dive ; $600/monthly package


Package includes:  2-3 meetings weekly - usually totalling up to about 60 minutes of meetings;  to do list updates every other day; text check-ins & reminders; up to 4 hours of work monthly with student on specific assignments/body doubling (ask me what this is!); note: if student requires significantly more or significantly less interaction, price will be negotiated.

Location: Online

(Note: a mixture of in-person and online may be used for students in the LA area)

"I have been looking for someone like Deirdre for years. She is perfect for my High School aged son...She knows how to manage ADHD and has very practical advice." 


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