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About Me

I am an east coast native, a mother to  three twenty-somethings, and a lifelong educator. My career has included being an ESL teacher at the University of Maryland, a homeschooling stay-at-home mom, a writing and literature teacher for homeschooled students, a private tutor in the greater Washington DC area, and now a college application mentor and an executive-function tutor for ADHD students.


I have an undergraduate degree in English from Catholic University and a graduate degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from American University. After spending five wonderful years on the campus of The University of Maryland teaching English to students from around the world, I moved to being a stay-at-home mom and eventually a homeschooling mom. 


Educating my own neurodivergent children as well as teaching many other neurodivergent children in my homeschool literature and writing classes gave me a crash course in all things ADHD/ADD, ASD, and LD and propelled me into the realm of executive function tutoring. 


After assisting my eldest (homeschooled) student apply to college, I used the knowledge gained to assist other homeschoolers with their applications.  Over time, I branched out from the homeschool community to work with public and private schooled students in the DC metropolitan area as an executive function tutor, a college essay coach, and a college application mentor. 


My husband and I have recently downsized and followed our creative offspring out to Los Angeles. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the LA area, finding gluten-free baked goods, walking on the beach, reading and recommending YA lit, and snuggling with our labradoodle puppy, Winona Sue!

Experience With: 

  • Students with attention disorders 

  • Students with learning disabilities 

  • Students with anxiety

  • Students in school refusal 

  • LGBTQ+ students

  • ASD students (verbal w/low support needs)

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